Create AWS-RDS MySQL Database

Let’s play with aws rds service and connect with MySQL WorkBench

1- You must have done sign-up to gain 12 months free tier user account.


If you’ve already an aws free tier account then please sing-in to aws-console.

2- Once you gain access to aws-console then search for RDS in top search bar of services as following:

3- You will be landed on following page and now click over Create Database button:

Now, you can see a list of icons with available database engines on aws cloud platform. Amazon Aurora is aws-rds’s default database since 2018.

This tutorial is based on MySQL hence I’m going to select MySQL, Amazon RDS Free-Tier option with following default and custom settings. Please see the following screens:

Important Exam Question: Except Oracle other database engine provides a free tier usages for dev/testing or learning. You can view Amazon RDS Service pricing information here.

Select MySQL database
Choose Free Tier and provide additional settings

4- It take a while to create an database instance once it is created then you can see as following

5- Once your database instance has been created then you will be able to see the Endpoint & Port details. Now you can use this endpoint to access your database from MySQL WorkBench or MacOS terminal or Linux console by using following command

mysql -h {} -P 3306 -u bootify -p

You can see the techsharezone our database in the show databases command result.

Make sure that you have following configurations done, in case you’re not able to access your database from MySQL WorkBench or console or terminal using above mentioned command.

6- Connection from the MySQL WorkBench as following

Enjoy Cloud



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